Helping out my mum against my womanizing step dad

My mum has been married to my step dad for five years. During that time I have lost count on how many affairs he has had, and I am pretty sure my mom can’t remember neither. However, his last affair really broke my mom’s heart and she kicked him out. I was very upset but deep down I knew it was for the best. When I heard the news, I took some time off from the most elite escorts in London, and spent some time with my mom. Fortunately, my boss at London escorts was okay about it.
I was angry with my step dad, but at the same time, I was angry with my mum. She should not allowed herself to be treated like that, and I feel that she has wasted he last five years in her life. But I do hope that she has learned from her experience and I hope that she finds love again. This is not the first time I have come across someone who seem to enjoy having affairs. I recently met a gent whose wife had several affairs during their marriage, and I think that he started to date London escorts because he felt that he needed some company.
How many other people are there in the same situation? I think that there must be thousands of men and women in London who have been victims of affairs and are now trying to put their lives back together. It is not easy, and I think that most Cheap London escorts know someone who is in this sort of situation. It can take somebody a long time to put their life back together, and I have come across some real hard luck stories at London escorts.
My mom does not know that I work for London escorts. She was a bit surprised that I handled the situation in such a grown up way, but I could not tell her that I have learned a lot from what I know from working at London escorts. I wish that things did not have to be this way, but I cannot help it, if my mom knew about London escorts, she would end up very upset.
I have told my mom not to go easy on my step dad. She lived in his house, but fortunately she had her own place to go back to. I am really annoyed as I feel that my mom gave up so much to be with my step dad. She gave up her job, and although she had the income from her home, she will have to start again. I helped to find a job in the local supermarket, and it very much sounds like she is going to stay on. Hopefully things will work out for my mom, and I will have some time off from London escorts to help her out.

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