I am stressed out about looking good all of the time

Most of the beautiful girls from the London escorts agency do not have a lot of hang ups, but I would say that there are some things which do stress out. Personally I find out that I am stressed about looking a million dollars all of the time at the best escorts agency, and I think that is something that other London escorts would agree with me about. Do gents always date London escorts because they are beautiful? I am not sure that is true anymore. A lot of gents do seem to date certain girls because they enjoy their company.

When I look at what I spend on beauty for London escorts, it can be rather frightening. I do actually go for a facial at least once a week to make sure that my skin is in perfect condition, and going for a facial in London with a top beautician, is not cheap at all. On top of that, I do visit the hairdresser every fortnight. I don’t always have my hair cut, but I do like to have a good conditioning treatment put on my hair to keep it looking nice.

Nails is another thing that is important when you work for London escorts, and I love all of my nail treatments. As I don’t work on a Saturday night unless I have an overnight date, I do go to the beautician every Saturday and have my nails done. As part of that, I also have a pedicure and I love when my London escorts gents say that I have nice feet. My feet are important to me, and making sure that they feel good is vital.

I really should not complain too much. Many of my London escorts regular do like to treat me to little things. I have never told them what London day spa I use, but they seem to know that I like quality stuff. Most of the time, my London escorts agency regulars buy me gift cards for places like the Elemis day spa in London. I love them for it, and I am always grateful to the gents at London escorts who seem to enjoy spoiling me.

Do you know what? Since I started to work for London escorts, I have never bought one single bottle of perfume. It appears that it is the most popular gift for gents to give to London escorts. Some girls say that they only receive sprays, but I always get a nice perfume instead. It is a great feeling to tab that little bit of highly scented oil on secret spots all around my body. Fortunately most gents seem to know what perfume I like, so I don’t have to worry about changing my perfume for certain dates. But no matter what, I stress out about looking good and once I have finished with my career as a London escort, I may go into skin care advice. Hopefully my experience would make some ladies a little bit less stressed. It could be the perfect second career for me.

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