Don’t stop darling!

Normally when I am with a guy, I sort think it is great but no more than that. However, my latest boyfriend always leaves me wanting more. He has the widest dick that I have ever impelled myself on, and when I am riding him, the pleasure is just out of this world. I am glad that I don’t share my flat with any of the girls from London escorts anymore, as they would probably hear me moan and groan with pleasure. When I go in to start the night at London escorts, it is a little bit like I could still feel his cock inside of me.

When I have been with other guys, they have had a hard time making me come in certain positions. This guy does not have that problem at all. Whether he is slapping against my ass with ball sack dangling against my pussy, or fucking me with my legs spread and up in the air on the sofa, he can truly make me come. I meet a lot of hot guys at London escorts, but this guy is something else. From the moment I laid eyes on him, I could feel my juices flow.

I meet Nick on a night out with the girls from London escorts. It was one of those cold London nights with lots of fogs, and to be fair to my girls at London escorts, I had told them that I was not really in the mood to go out. However, the girls wanted to party, and since one of the girls was kissing goodbye to our London escorts that day, I did not want to let her down. We went to this club in London, and partied away until the early hours.

The club was about to close in an hour when I laid my eyes on Nick. He was stood by the bar and kind of watching me. I don’t know what it was, but I felt something stir in my right away. My girlfriends from London escorts noticed, and one of them kind of gave me a kinky neck kiss. That seemed to turn Nick on, and before I knew it, he was making a beeline for me. Without a word, he took me out on he dance floor, and I could feel that he was massively hard. Perhaps he fancied a bit of London escorts girl on girl action.

Anyway. I did not go for early morning breakfast with the girls from London escorts. Instead I took Nick home with me, and I thought that I would feast on him instead. I think that we actually feasted on each other instead. As soon as we came in through the door to my apartment, he pulled my knickers down. I knew that I was soaking so I slipped him into me in the hall, and we did it up against the wall. About an hour later, we were on our second round for the morning, and now I don’t know what I would do without Nick and his amazing dick. Are my London escorts friends jealous? You bet that they are…

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