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Secrets That Makes Anal Sex More Enjoyable

A man can have anal sex with his wife or an escort provided the two agree. Some women whether married or not object having anal sex with their men for different reasons. Pain is one of the reasons why most women do not like having anal sex. Below we will discuss ways to make anal sex more enjoyable whether you’re straight, gay or bisexual. There are several secrets which makes most couples enjoying having anal sex. Some of them are:

Use of a lubricant

To enjoy anal sex, you will have to use the appropriate lubricant in and around your anal opening. There are plenty of lubes to choose from and you should be able to find the right one for you after thorough online research. If you are using a condom, a water based lube is recommended to prevent the condom from bursting.


Trust is very important when having anal sex. Unlike “normal” sex where there is production of a vaginal fluid which lubricates the vagina, anal sex involves the use of an oil or water lubricant in and around the anal opening. Whether you are gay, bisexual or straight, you should be able to trust your partner to avoid panicking during penetration.

Your partner should be cooperative and understanding to avoid hurting you when having anal sex. To make it enjoyable, he should start slowly and proceed with care to avoid hurting your anal opening. If you feel any pain or need more lubricant, he should listen and act accordingly. If this is not the case, your muscles may not relax in fear of getting hurt during penetration.


Just like trusting your partner to get relaxed, you will also have to feel comfortable when having anal sex to relax your muscles and mind. Just like normal sex which is psychological and initiates from the mind, so is anal sex. You don’t have to feel shy or embarrassed that your partner will look, touch, lick and penetrate your asshole! In fact, it is nearly impossible to get turned on while your mind and body is not at ease.


Touching each other’s erotic areas, licking and kissing could be ideal to get ready for sex. Even though the anus will not produce a lubricating fluid, the man will have to erect to penetrate. Also, you will have to be aroused so that you get orgasms and this is only through foreplay.

Find the right position

Finding the right position is the key to enjoy anal sex maximally. Therefore, since what works for one may not work out right to the other, you should understand your partner. If you have hired an escort from escorts in London, you should get to know each other before you start having sex. Some prefer spooning position while others prefer lying on their stomach to allow the one on top control the speed and depth of thrusting.

Include other stimulations

Having multiple orgasm simultaneously could be a real breakthrough during anal sex. To achieve this, don’t get fixated on your partner’s butt during anal sex. Remember to stimulate other erotic areas such as the clitoris and the nipples in case you are having anal sex with a woman.…